The Longest Flight of My Life

It’s no secret that I’m an advocate for traveling; some might call me a wanderluster, others might say I’m a traveling enthusiast. I personally just like to go places. There’s so much to see in this world and countless people to hear from – there are plenty of stories to be shared, sights to be seen and experiences to experience 😉 I want to absorb everything that I see/eat/feel/think during my travels and pass it onto others.

When the opportunity arose to go to South Africa with my university (shout out to Hofstra, ayyyy lmao), of course I jumped on it! Right now at this moment, I’m on a flight to Johannesburg, South Africa (right now, it’s March 17 12:43 PM but by the time you read this, it might be March 18, who even knows the hour anymore).

A new country.

Africa has been on my travel list for years, but did I ever think that I’d have the opportunity to travel there during my collegiate career? Absolutely not! I went abroad the fall of my junior year (August 2015 – January 2016) to Amsterdam, the Netherlands and then the following summer in July to Bremen, Germany. They say that the third times the charm, so cheers to my third opportunity of experiencing something new through Hofstra University.

I’m en route to South Africa with Richard Hayes and Anne Hamby, two management and marketing professors from my university. This trip is a 9-day excursion with 3 days dedicated to consulting companies (in South Africa, duh). Thus, welcome to MGT 157 aka International Entrepreneurial Consulting. For those who don’t know me, I’m currently studying business law with a management minor – dreams of being an entertainment lawyer at my own firm. Business in South Africa may not be something that’ll enhance my future on a surface level, BUT… me being me, I just decided to go for it. Hey, it’s a new experience. I’ll learn so much more than just sitting in a classroom and have more stories to share.

Let’s be honest for a second – the flight to Amsterdam I had about 2 years ago left with me so many butterflies the whole way. I could barely shut my eyes to rest! Today? My stomach turns with excitement because of the fact that traveling is almost second nature to me now. I’m back on an airplane; surrounded by friends that I’ve known since my freshman year of college to people I’ve just met at JFK. Excitement is slowly brewing inside of me because of the fact that my dreams of seeing more of the world are happening sooner than I’ve ever imaged.

I think the main the thing that worries me about this trip is all the misconceptions that surround South Africa. People are often misinformed about the current state of Africa, jump to conclusions, and rely off speculative information that they’ve heard secondhand. I almost didn’t bring my laptop because of the nervous thoughts my peers shared with me. This is all a learning experience; if I live my life going off what other people tell me, then I’m not obtaining my own experiences, but rather enhancing their own.

Enjoy the rest of whatever day it is for you, I’m off to exploring and being #TheGeorgianAborad. Talk soon, I’ll try to blog or at least journal everyday about my days here in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pilanesburg!

“Traveling opens a window to the world.” – Xhosa

As seen on my South African Airways cup 🙂


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